Summer, hot afternoon, street. High heels on the cobblestone. The skirt arches over the hips and dances at the rhythm of the steps. The wind, the hair. The discreet smile of a woman aware she is being watched and admired.

Big steps, muscular calves, the T-shirt stretched over the round and strong shoulders. Olive skin. A sports bag carried across the chest and the eyes fixed on the skin of the woman walking just a few steps ahead.

RAFAEL (19) follows CRISTINA (34)

BOX is a love story told in a different way than in American films.
Although there is an age difference between them, Rafael (Rafael Florea) and Cristina (Hilda Peter) have in common the same desperate need to succeed. Beside being a love story, BOX is a coming of age narrative, and a story about lies, compromise, and success.

Written and directed by Florin Serban, the director of the acclaimed If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle, BOX is an emotional and an intelectual challenge.