Some stories come to you out of the blue, without you expecting them, like in I want to whistle, I whistle. For others, it’s you who needs to go search for them. The idea of Box started from one of the scenes of my previous film; a scene that for me wasn’t as effective on screen as it should have been. I’m talking about the final scene, the one with the coffee. From that point onwards, I was interested in seeing the interaction between two backgrounds. A man and a woman from two different worlds. What do they do when they are not having sex? What do they say to each other? What pushes them forward and what holds them back? What are their personal motivations, their intimate resources? – Read more in Ziarul Metropolis: http://www.ziarulmetropolis.ro/interviu-florin-serban-imi-place-sa-ma-socotesc-povestitor/